The only place where you can get fitted for our zero offset irons and onset wedges is at J.R.GOLF in Cornwall, Ont, where golfers come from Montreal, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, NY state and beyond.

No one within hundreds of miles has the ability, experience, precision tools and facility to adjust your existing golf clubs with Tour Van precision like we do.

Whether you need a simple golf club repair, re-shafting, loft and lie adjustments of your irons, wedges, putters or launch monitor fitting, we do it right from the onset, pun intended!


Some of our local aftermarket golf club services include:

  • Existing Driver Fitting: Did you know that most golfers have their latest driver set at the wrong setting for face angle, and the length and swing weight are wrong? Through Flightscope summaries during a driver fitting session we can narrow down and nail the optimal configuration of your existing driver.
  • Grip Fitting: Playing the wrong grip size can lead to a substantial loss of distance and precision for many golfers.
  • Iron shaft fitting: Playing the right shaft weight and length is crucial, lighter isn’t always better.
  • Lie Angle Fitting: Did you know that the lie angle of a golf club has a direct impact on your golf swing? A flatter lie angle generally promotes a flatter swing plain, shallower entry of the clubhead into the ball while a more upright lie angle will do the opposite, it will make you swing “outside in” with a steeper entry into the golf ball. Find out what is optimal for you.
  • Loft and Lie Alterations of Irons, Wedges, Putters and some Hybrids: NO ONE comes close to our level of expertise in that department.
  • Professional Tour Grade Re-shafting
  • Swing Weight Fitting and Swing Weight Alterations
  • Injection of Hotmelt for Swing Weight Purpose
  • Shortening and Extending Clubs
  • Grip Installation
  • Measuring Any Golf Cubs for Loft, Lie, Length, Swing Weight and Frequency with Precision

Call or email us to book an appointment for any of our Tour Grade professional services.