Never carried a 6i 188 yards before.

"Love the look of the zero offset.   I’ve never carried a 6i 188 yards in my lifetime with my other irons, I may have to review my distances once I get a few more rounds in with the clubs.

Excellent service, the fitting was top notch, I could use oversize grips in the fitting which made all the difference for me."

- Nicolas Beauchemin, Montreal, QC

Best set of irons and wedges I’ve ever owned

"I gotta say I was on the fence buying your Arias irons and wedges without trying them first, but they turned out to be the best set of irons and wedges I’ve ever owned and I have been playing golf for over 35 years. I’m hitting the ball straighter than ever.

I have been playing the old Miura cb 202s for the last nine years which were the lowest offset cavity back irons I could ever find, as little offset the 202s had, there’s no way I could ever go back to playing that much offset on both my irons and wedges period.

I just love how these clubs set up and look at address. The onset wedges probably surprised me as much as the irons.
The feel is fantastic too, I’m coming off the forged Miuras and I can’t see the difference. Many claim gaining distance in your reviews but I didn’t gain any, but I didn’t lose any either.

Thanks for your great customer service I’m so happy I found you guys!"

- John Casey, Queens, NY

Can't believe how FAR I hit the Arias irons.

"Can't believe how FAR I hit the Arias irons. Finally got to play the new set up today and was hitting LW 115, SW 125 easy, GW 140, PW over 150 no problem ... distance shocked me ... 6i 190 like nothing ... Turf interaction through the bag is AMAZING! Such a stable, solid feel off the club! I'm so impressed!
I cannot believe the wedge distance… I could NEVER hit a LW more than 90 yards and these Arias felt like a barely swung hit went 85 like nothing!!"

- D. Sten Carlson, Jr. Golftec instructor, Austin,TX

They're Fantastic!

"I recently bought a set of your irons, they're fantastic!"

- Joe Houghton, Rochester, MI

As long as my stronger lofted and lighter PXG's

"I was playing the PXG 0311T irons and thought they were as good of an iron as I have played, long and forgiving. However, I couldn't stop over drawing the ball especially with the short irons. Being a scratch golfer, you tend to know when you put a good swing on a ball and I was continually frustrated with the amount of draw I'd continually have. So, I started looking for irons with reduced offset when I learned about Arias and knew I had to try them. When I pulled them out of the box and looked down at them they immediately fit my eye.

The irons are clean and the long irons have a look to them that inspires confidence. The best part, they hit even better than they look. The draw spin is drastically reduced and I can hit the ball as hard as I want without the fear of pull hooking it left. Much to my delight, the irons were as long as my stronger lofted and lighter PXG's. In fact, my carry distances are slightly longer because of the higher, yet penetrating ball flight.

The wedges are also fantastic. Despite being very low bounce (L) they don't dig. The zero offset allows you to open the face as much as you want and feel confident to play any shot because the hosel doesn't get in way.

The feel of both the irons and wedges produce a heavy, solid feeling strike and the feedback is every bit as good as forged irons.

My first three rounds with these clubs were: 69, 70, 68

I couldn't be more impressed by a set of irons and am looking forward to playing these for many years to come.

This product is top notch and it won't be long until they are a house hold name.
Thanks again"

- Monty Kness, Spring, TX

You really nailed it with this product

“Took the irons out for a spin yesterday, you really nailed it with this product, and I'll be honest I didn't expect them to be as good quality as they are. They look amazing, and from your website you're right I'm adjusting to a higher and more fade-biased ball, but that's a clear indication I need to clean up a few things in my swing. Over the past few years I've used 710 MBs, Srixon 945s, Ping S55s, Miura baby blades, and recently the Ping i210s, at address these are right up there with the best looking. Just all around great design and attention to detail. Thanks again.”

- Matt Salera, Pittsburg, PA

I am still playing the D-23's and love them

"First impression was amazing. I am still playing the D-23's and love them.

I really like the look from play view, they are very beautiful indeed. I also love the feel of the hit and how the bounce angle is interacting great with the turf.

Thanks for making great clubs!"

- Johan Carlsson, European Tour player

You've got a winner here!

"I have been a golf club aficionado for upwards of 40 years and I can see and appreciate quality, the online pics don't begin to do them justice.

I am very impressed with these clubs, I have a set of Titleist CB irons here and these look just as good. Very well done! Nice beveled leading edge for friendly turf interaction too.

You've got a winner here!"

- Bob Bissonnette, St John, NB

To my dismay, Arias was able to bend all my irons 6° flat!

"I finally purchased a set of ARIAS irons, 4-PW.

I am a firm believer in zero offset/onset, knowing the advantage of zero offset with my release
pattern. I have had these clubs for roughly 3 weeks now, and I must say they are working out far
better than expected. My swing requires very flat lie angles especially on my long irons, to my dismay,
arias was able to bend all my irons 6° flat!

I have averaged 16/18 GIR, 26.7 feet proximity over the last few rounds with these clubs. Easiest 60's
rounds I've ever shot, I had not broken 70 all year before getting these clubs.

The look of the club at address really inspires confidence. Bounce and leading edge inspire confidence
on hard and soft course conditions.

I can now work the ball both ways much more consistently and with advanced refinement. With offset
I always struggled to hit a fully released fade, now it's effortless. This has also helped with my
confidence approaching tucked pins. Working the ball from the center towards a tucked pin is an
advantage I never fully capitalized on with offset. This has given me an extra 10 yards per club
minimum, excellent launch and spin rates (previously I had too low launch and spin rates with mid-
long irons).  My ball stops better than ever.

Trajectory control gives me so many more options when facing tougher pin positions, wind, hazards,
etc. The higher launch and spin rates have improved my proximity to the hole by 7 feet too. My
mizuno MP 69's had a tendency to roll out a bit more than I liked. The more I practice with these
clubs, the better my technique/results seems to get. Bottom Line: I'm getting much more out of my
technique now and swinging through the ball instead of swinging at it.

- Jeremy White, Henderson,CO