431 Stainless Steel

431ss, the best steel one can possibly use for the production of golf irons and wedges when put under the right annealing process. Our 431ss is soft enough to meet a golfer’s expectations after a strike, yet hard enough to sustain the abuse golf heads go through over the course of many golf seasons.

In production, all our heads go through our proprietary multi step heat treatment which yields a very tight metal grain structure, in testing, we have successfully bent some of our clubheads 8° without breakage, we routinely bend our heads 3° to 5° to accommodate some of our most demanding customers.


All of our irons and wedges keep their lofts and lies through regular play unlike carbon steel heads, they don’t rust if some of the plating wears off, they don’t ding as much as carbon steel heads, the grooves don’t wear off nearly as fast, our 431ss is simply the best steel we could use so that your clubs can stay in your bag for many years to come…