D-23 Irons Key Features


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You can customize your lengths, lofts, lies, swing weight, shaft selection and grips in the pricing section.

  • Easiest irons to align at the target on the market.
  • Available in both 355" taper tip and parallel 370".
  • Classic no offset look at address reminiscent of past generation's most iconic iron designs.
  • True zero offset period, and actually, just a little bit of onset.
  • Full cavity back, midsize blade length, blade height and sole width , make these irons very forgiving on off center hits, suitable for golfers of all levels.
  • Modern friendly sole grind with beveled leading and trailing edge makes this iron easy to play both from the fairway and the rough.
  • 431ss with proprietary heat treatment.
  • Outstanding ball speed and smash factor for a non HI COR design.
  • We now count on satisfied golfers from around the world including the UK, Australia, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and South Africa just to name a few, most of them have made the jump to playing our D-23s because of the zero offset feature, yet most keep them because of how well they perform.
  • Standard lofts combined with four degree gaps allows most golfers a fighting chance at getting ten yards between each club. At no extra charge we will customize your lofts and lies to your liking.
  • USGA and R&A conforming to groove rules in effect at all levels of play worldwide. (RH)
LOFT°222630343842460 *
LIE°6161.56262.56363.563.750 *
ONSET mm0.
WEIGHT (g)247 **254 **261 **268 **275 ** 282 **285 ****
TOE HEIGHT52mm53mm54mm55mm55.5mm56mm56.5mm-
BLADE LENGTH80 mm80 mm80 mm80 mm80 mm80 mm80 mm-
BENDABLE°5 ***5 ***5 ***5 ***5 ***5 ***5 ***-
SOLE WIDTH19.1 mm19.5 mm19.8 mm20.1 mm20.4 mm20.6 mm21 mm-
BORE DEPTH30 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm30 mm2 mm
BORE DIAMETER355" or 370"355" or 370"355" or 370"355" or 370"355" or 370"355" or 370"355" or 370"-
* All lofts and lies adjusted to spec.
 ** Head weights can be adjusted heavier up to 9g per head through the hosel weight port.
*** Both our D-23 irons and M-29 wedges can be bent up to 5°, however only by arias golf under warranty.