M-29 Wedges Key Features


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You can customize your lengths, lofts, lies, swing weight, shaft selection and grips in the pricing section.

  • Available in both 355" taper tip and parallel 370".
  • Onset on all three wedges.
  • Head weights match the D-23 irons, golfers who play their wedges at full swing will enjoy how their distance gaping performs in relation to the rest of the D-23 irons, yet heavier swing weights can be achieved easily by adding tungsten weight in the hosel weight ports if needed.
  • Blade length closely matches the D-23 irons.
  • 431ss with proprietary heat treatment.
  • Bendable up to 5°, super solid feel ***
  • Rounder toe on all three wedges begs you to open the blade up when the situation calls for it. Even the gap wedge can be played naturally from the bunker on those longer shots that require less loft.
  • Sand wedge has more bounce to help in the fluffy sand and thick rough while the lob wedge has a lower bounce so you can easily open the blade up on a tight lie and play any type of finesse shots.
  • We now count on satisfied golfers from around the world including the UK, Australia, Spain, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan and South Africa just to name a few, most of them have made the jump to playing our M-29s because of the zero offset feature, yet most keep them because of how well they perform.
LOFT °5054580 *
LIE °6464640 *
ONSET mm1.5221
BOUNCE °101241
WEIGHT (g)289295295**
TOE HEIGHT58mm59mm59mm-
BLADE LENGTH82 mm82 mm82 mm-
BENDABLE °5 ***5 ***5 ***-
SOLE WIDTH (ct)20 mm21 mm21 mm-
BORE DEPTH30 mm30 mm30 mm2 mm
BORE DIAMETER355" or 370"355" or 370"355" or 370"-
* All lofts and lies adjusted to spec.
 ** Head weights can be adjusted heavier up to 9g per head through the hosel weight port.
*** Both our D-23 irons and M-29 wedges can be bent up to 5°, however only by arias golf under warranty.