Quality First


All our designs require original tooling built from scratch in order to accommodate our zero offset specifications, the process is both tedious and expensive, it tests our commitment each and every time we work on a new model in order to meet some of our most demanding golfer's expectations. 

  • All heads are chrome plated for an outstanding quality finish.
  • No cheap plastic medallions on our heads, we move plastic to the recycle bin.
  • Arias golf favors a business model that puts the customers' interest at the very top; we go to great lengths to make sure our clubs are built to the highest standards in the industry.
  • We store all information on how your clubs were built along with their specifications for future reference.
  • We treat every single order as a custom order, we do not assemble clubs in advance, NONE, we order most of our shafts directly from True Temper's Canadian headquarter in Kingston, Ontario, as per customer's shaft selection.
  • Every club is assembled and inspected one at the time, right here in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
  • Every club comes with zero tolerance for loft, lie and swing weight as we adjust them carefully during the assembly process.