431 Stainless Steel

Unbeknown to the vast majority golf equipment aficionados, 431ss is arguably the very best steel available when put under the right annealing process along with a chrome platting finish. Don’t forget, 431ss has been used by several forging houses in the past and even Ping chooses 431ss to cast their iBlade and some of their wedges.

All D-23 irons & M-29 wedges go through our proprietary heat treatment; in testing, we have successfully bent some of our clubheads 8° without breakage! We routinely bend our heads 3° to 5° to accommodate some of our customers. Sure we use a special bending bar along with a multistep technique, but still, you will be hard pressed to find any metal that yields this tight of a grain structure, that good of a feel at impact during a strike, while remaining as sturdy as our 431ss.  

Our D-23 irons and M-29 wedges keep their lofts and lies through regular play over time unlike carbon steel forged heads, they don’t rust if the chrome platting wares off, they don’t ding as easily as carbon steel heads, the grooves don’t wear off nearly as fast as softer metal heads do, all in all, our 431ss is simply the best material we could possibly use for our golf heads so that your clubs can be adjusted to your specs and so they can stay in your bag for many years to come.